it's a crime, I never told you 'bout the diamonds in your eyes

I had a couple of days off from work this week, to make a long and lazy weekend. Yesterday was magazines and smoothies with bros and yoga for indie rockers. This afternoon, I decided to take a walk to Highgate Cemetery, I was sort of obsessed with the place when I was young but since I moved to London I hadn’t gotten round to visiting. And it’s only a 20 minute walk from my house.

I didn’t make it into the western cemetery cos you’re only allowed in with the guided tour (I must remember to go on that one day, it’s the western cemetery that has all the vampire stuff attached to it) so I settled for paying £3 to wander round the eastern cemetery.

It was super pretty and incredibly green inside, I have to admit that I spent a fair amount of my visit with black heart procession on the i-pod daydreaming that I was in Forks, Washington.

I’m beginning to embrace my inner goth.

Anyway, it was all pretty and serene and calm and a safe haven, and I took some photos ( I put them in a flickr set) and I’m thinking I’m gonna go back and visit again some time soon, maybe with Lou. Lou is good at gothy supernatural stuff too.

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teen vampire obssession goes into overdrive

seriously though. how good does everyone look?
I can’t wait.
my amazon order arrived at work on friday, the last book is waiting there for me.

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alright, so there will always be a little goth in me..

I’m pretty excited about Sweeney Todd, Burton only sucks when he’s not making gothy fairytales.

Do you think this is the beginning of Johnny Depp only being able to play Jack Sparrow forever?