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Growin' old in a bar

Wow, this week the internet just keeps producing awesome. Punknews pointed me in the direction of this video of Gaslight covering Left of the Dial. Gaslight covering the Replacements makes me happier than potential employment.

This cover is almost better than the J Page cover on “We’ll Inherit the Earth” (which is effin great by the way, you should pick it up if you don’t have it.All our favourite bands and Christy Roads artwork) and the J Page cover somehow manages to work Pictures of You and Kiss the Bottle into the end. So yeah, it’s pretty good. Watch and sigh.

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I hate this damn enlightenment

I just woke up WAY too early for last night, and I found this on strike gently and had to post it here just to check it was real. It’s Cursive performing the new single – From The Hips (which RULES by the way) on Letterman.
Things that make me suspicious about this a) look how sober Tim Kasher looks – hmmmmm, until he lets out the gutteral scream at the end I thought it may have been an imposter. b) look how respectable they all look – when have you seen those dudes in anything but tee shirts ? and this one doesn’t make me suspicious but is worth watching to the end for Letterman asking – where are you guys from, someone answering Omaha, Nebraska and him responding, I’ll be damned – as if he cannot comprehend that bands could come from there. Sorry Saddle Creek, dave says thumbs down. haha.

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reasons to love Yo Gabba Gabba: part two

I just found this on Unicornology (one of my daily -visual fix-tumblr reads) and it totally made my day. Yes that is Elijah Wood dancing to the Numa Numa song, it’s possible this may trump the Jimmy Eat World performance. Between this and Pancake Mountain… certainly puts Playschool into perspective.

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I don't mind the weather, I've got scarves and hats and sweaters…

Aaaah, another winter sunday afternoon is starting to draw in, the light is fading and my room again seems like the cosiest place in the world. I haven’t left the house since I got back from work on friday and as such a sense of order has been restored on my life. I feel well rested, far less stressed and relatively toxin free. I completely needed a weekend to myself. I’m far more about the mid week partying these days, less fucktards out.

This weekend did give me a chance to catch up on some movie/tv/record/book time, and that in and of itself was fantastic.

Favourite records of the weekend:

I like Japanese Hardcore. Amazing lo-fi girl poppy punky folky indie on plan-it-x. They were only around for one record which is sad, but means they’ll rule forever. There are two Calvin Johnson references in the space of 10 songs, which I find incredibly endearing. The lyrics switch between being super cute “that boy, he’s so punk rock, he makes, makes my heart stop..” and a little riot grrrlish ” boys like you tell lies, to make girls like me cry, thats why I have to say, bye bye love, hello kitty”. Perfect sunday listening.

Floormodel – Random Access Memories. I’m a sucker for Jeff Caudill in almost any capacity ( I still listen to daylight savings pretty much every day in november – it feels like midnight, but it’s just 6 oclock..) and I’m totally into his forray into the world of electronica. Everyone is comparing this to the Postal Service, but that’s cos when you get an indie rock/punk dude and an electronica dude working together it’s a safe comparison for the ill-educated indie media. This record manages to be at the same time warm and objective. It’s something that I, personally have been trying to achieve for some time now.

I also eventually got around to watching Pineapple Express (which led to me rethinking my love of David Gordon Green) and the Jared Padelecki Christmas Movie based on Thomas Kinkade (of QVC artists fame)’s hometown Christmas in 1977. I’m a huge christmas nerd okay, yes, I know it seems weird if you know me at all, but it’s true. Deal with it. The Thomas Kinkade one was super christianity heavy, come on Christians, stop spoiling Christmas for the rest of us. Jared Padelecki was great as the humble artist though, he rules at playing small town boys. I think it’s for this reason that I love him. Alongside his height. And lion-y face.

Right, I’m gonna go cook sunday food and have a lush product filled bubble bath. Bye.

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It’s those little things that fuck me up the most.

I didn’t go see Kevin Devine and Chin Up Chin Up tonight. I thought it might have made me worse. Yesterdays good mood completely evaporated by the time I got to the office.

I (eventually) finished Jpod today, and although I didn’t like it very much, and it felt contrived and wrong and like it was written to be broadcast by the people behind chuck at NBC, I was still sad that it was over, fictional friends are always harder to let go than real life ones. And it’s not just that these characters are percet, for I am a big fan of character flaws, in you know, characters. In real life people they tend to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Not least of all mine.
Why don’t the people i work with exhibit any fun geeky couplandesque qualities. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to live in Microserfs. Then I could partake in the breakfast cereals decadence conversation, and it would be the 90s. And everything would feel slightly less hopeless, and not so old.
I am getting better at being okay with realising I really can only rely on myself. People schmeople.
Today has been confusing.

Fucking solar eclipse in Virgo.

I don’t like not being in control of other peoples perception of me. I’m re-reading pretty in punk to try and make some sense of this. I think I need a punk rock therapist. I really don’t think that you can figure me out, without at least a slight pop-cultural frame of reference. It can’t all be as basic and Freudian as first assumed eh?

It’s 10 days tomorrow, til I turn 30. I’ve mostly stopped freaking about it, I don’t think I’ll stop beating myself up about the things I feel I should’ve done though. Fixing me is hard work.

But for now, I guess I’ll just sit here and listen to Jim Yoshii and think it all out.


but she wants love, and I still wanna fuck..

I managed to not spend the entire evening talking to boys on the internet, instead I took a bubble bath, started re-reading 30 days of night from the very beggining, and listened to a lot of afghan whigs.

This whigs revival has been a deal of mine for the last few months, occasionally, I’ll forget exactly how much I love them for a whie, and then a track will come on party shuffle or lastfm or something, and the love affair will begin again.

The Afghan Whigs were/are?(please play the UK) the sleaziest band I know, in the best possible way. Greg Dulli doesn’t paint himself as the nicest guy in all the world, but he’s still the thinking girls villain of choice. He looks like he’d fuck you over, every which way, in the best possible way, you know?

He’s the only man I know that can get away with the kind of baby territory usually reserved for Barry White, I saw twilight singers a couple years back, and even though he’s got fat, still smokes marlboro reds (who didn’t switch to lights when they hit 25?) and has aged less well than I think we all expected. I totally still would. Simply put, he’s a charming motherfucker.


Unbreakable is due for release on sept 19th, and for a best of record is pretty amazing. It’s been a long time coming, there were some promos made for a best of entitled historectomy, a few years back but it was never delivered.

If you’re not aware of the whigs, I implore you to go and buy Gentlemen now. It’s in my top 5 ALL TIME records. It’s sort of a big deal. It’s languid and rough and bad and amazing all at the same time. And the way the guitars come in on Debonair is like, wow. Fountain and Fairfax reached the dizzy heights of the my-so-called-life soundtrack, and What jail is Like blows me away every single time I hear it. I grew up with this record and still listen to it a couple of times a month. It would be fair to say I consider it somewhat of a classic.

It may also be worth noting that the New Amsterdams do an amazing cover of If we two parted on the first record. It’s an interesting translation.

There was no real point to this blog, btw, and I didn’t think it out. I’ll probably edit it into something readable at some stage, but for now, I’m gonna go back to diggin’ on the ‘whigs.

Watch the video for honkeys ladder, off black love , below.

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We rarely practise discern.

Yesterday actually turned out okay in the end. Well, as okay, as trying to (not) have a relationship 4000 miles away can. I feel temporarily better anyways.

That wasn’t my reason for blogging though, mostly I felt inclined to commit my thoughts to t’web on account of having just watched The Puffy Chair. It may well have restored my faith in indie cinema. Seriously.

I haven’t seen anything that rings this true to everything I believed in moviewise for ages. Script is great without and walks the fine line of honesty between overly earnest and being contrived without ever stumbling into either. It’s also one of those relationship movies that almost hurts to watch, the way reading Jeffrey Brown hurts, because it’s all OH SO real and familiar, you’ve had that fight, you can see yourself and the people you know in the characters as you watch them make choices and mistakes you personally have spent a fair amount of your adult life deliberating over.

There’s no opportunity for you to empathise with any one character in particular, it’s not a girls movie or a boys movie, there is no domininant viewpoint here. Everyone in this movie is flawed, each of the characters at some time does something  unlikeable, but no one is ever cast as the bad guy. It also has one of the best endings I think I’ve ever seen.

It would be wrong of me not to mention the use of music, which, again is some of the best I’ve seen recently, the music is so perfectly placed you’re never a hundred percent sure whether the sound is diegetic or not. Loads of polyvinyl stuff, and I’ve never heard Transatlanticism sound better…

Anyhow, I’m going to try and get some sleep ‘cos I have the worlds busiest work week.

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well do you really fucking get it?

EIther I am an idiot, or the situation is idiotic. But I guess, if the situation I’m in is idiotic then I’m still the idiot for getting in it. It will never end well.

Everything else is still sort of going okay, ish. And it’s only a month til NY. And thereby 35 days ’til I turn 30. Oh good. At this stage I just want it to have come and gone already, so I can stop worrying about all the shit I should have done before it happened.

There’s at least loads of good shows towards the end of the year, Adam Gnade is coming over again, and Lucero and Against me! are back. Punk rock and drinking are sure to keep it good.

I’m trying to watch The Puffy Chair, but I’m somewhat preoccupied. I should know by now solitary saturday evenings are bad for me. As is having no money. Dear the bank, stop waiting til I have no money to take your made up fees away.

Who wants to get old with me? I wish Grimes was here.

I was in a really good mood earlier, I had the most fun with Lou today. I love Lou, and she completely understands the concept of a life queue.

I need to re-read Life After God tonight, and I can’t ‘cos my copy is still at Jamies house. Life After God would give me the sense of perspective that I’m lacking tonight. Against me are just making me want to be drunk at a punk rock show. I wonder, will I ever get so old that being drunk at a punk rock show isn’t the only thing that makes perfect sense to me?

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Why aren’t we content to just be middle class?

I just finished watching everything’s gone green.

Here is what I thought…

Overall, I liked it. It came closer than many things to describing post 20th century late 20’s trauma. But it seemed sort of clunky, the moral of the story seemed overly obvious and literally everything that happens is grabbed from another coupland tale. Parents havea gro-op in the basement brother is a corrupt real estate guy = jpod, father losing his job early on =microserfs, ming being a  location scout in vancouver/seeing aliens in the street  = girlfriend in a coma, and then the other obvious coupland themes. Strong family themes – a need for things to be real – a desire to feel it’s all bigger than you – the dissapation of the middle class etc etc.. are all represented here.

Having said all of that, it’s still very, very watchable, and if you aren’t obssessive about coupland then you will probably like it. If you are, then you might find yourself wishing for something more.

It’s a film in 3 segments. Section 1 at the beginning we find our protagonist (who has the most amazing smile, his eyes light up every time) dumped, unemployed and 29, something bizarre happens and he ends up getting a (kinda crappy) job, and meeting a girl who is unavailable. Section 2, our protagonist on looking around realises everyone is doing better than him, and remedies this by becoming corrupt himself and dating a hot girl with no personality. Section 3, our protagonist feels bad about this, and the loss of himself, so conveniently manages, within a very short timeframe, to not only become uncorrupt, but also to win the heart of the girl, become real, quit his job and drive off into the mountains.

It all just felt a little too neat for me, at the end of a coupland book you’re usually left like, well huh. Y’know? It’s a little clearer but it’s not finished and shrinkwrapped for your appreciation.

I am being too hard on the movie, it was nicely shot, it was good to see all those bits of Vancouver you’ve been reading about for years, I just expected it to be more deft and subtle in its script is all.

I’m off to go watch dexter season 2 episode 2. ba-boom.

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forget it, she already did.

Today I kind of feel like Angela at the end of the my-so-called-life episode self esteem (it’s the buffalo tom episode) I know I am being an idiot, but I sort of like it. I should know better.

I can suddenly feel a my-so-called-life marathon coming on.

Tara is at fake truckfest, since the real one got cancelled, due to the apocalyptic weather. So I slept for 10 hours, and have spent the day slacking around with no make up on doing sunday stuff. Best.Weekend.Ever. Haven’t left the house once. Monster foot might actually recover.

I went to the midnight screening of transformers on friday night, after awesome veggie indian in angel. Midnight screening, probably not the best idea after 3 hours sleep the night before, but as aforementioned, recently. I am an idiot. (Jamie’s being quite sensible, we need to restore the universal balance). So the opening was good (but as usual, with Bay’s direction), the action begins to slide and theres that hoour long period in the middle where nothing really happens and you get a bit bored. I fell asleep during this part. The Transformers looked pretty good though, and the action sequences were great. From what I can remember, the plot was extremely thin on the ground, and some of the later developments seemed more ridiculous than the CGI wolves in day after tomorrow. But it’s worth going to see at the cinema, if only for the stuff blowing up, and giant robot attacks. Bay is good at that. It’s about all he’s good at.

Highlights of the cinema experience were; Tara being hit on by the acne faced confectionary stand guy, “hey mamma, I’ll hook you up with half price candy” and the JJAbrams trailer beforehand, I’d seen it on appletrailers, but it looks fricken awesome on the big screen, and y’all know how much I despise LOST. I’m pretty excited.

It hasn’t rained yet today. Don’t worry, it’s going to pour tomorrow.

If we can just make it through the next month or so without a heat wave then summer will be over, and I’ll have survived it unscathed. Roll on fall. And impending 30th birthday gloom.

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