but she wants love, and I still wanna fuck..

I managed to not spend the entire evening talking to boys on the internet, instead I took a bubble bath, started re-reading 30 days of night from the very beggining, and listened to a lot of afghan whigs.

This whigs revival has been a deal of mine for the last few months, occasionally, I’ll forget exactly how much I love them for a whie, and then a track will come on party shuffle or lastfm or something, and the love affair will begin again.

The Afghan Whigs were/are?(please play the UK) the sleaziest band I know, in the best possible way. Greg Dulli doesn’t paint himself as the nicest guy in all the world, but he’s still the thinking girls villain of choice. He looks like he’d fuck you over, every which way, in the best possible way, you know?

He’s the only man I know that can get away with the kind of baby territory usually reserved for Barry White, I saw twilight singers a couple years back, and even though he’s got fat, still smokes marlboro reds (who didn’t switch to lights when they hit 25?) and has aged less well than I think we all expected. I totally still would. Simply put, he’s a charming motherfucker.


Unbreakable is due for release on sept 19th, and for a best of record is pretty amazing. It’s been a long time coming, there were some promos made for a best of entitled historectomy, a few years back but it was never delivered.

If you’re not aware of the whigs, I implore you to go and buy Gentlemen now. It’s in my top 5 ALL TIME records. It’s sort of a big deal. It’s languid and rough and bad and amazing all at the same time. And the way the guitars come in on Debonair is like, wow. Fountain and Fairfax reached the dizzy heights of the my-so-called-life soundtrack, and What jail is Like blows me away every single time I hear it. I grew up with this record and still listen to it a couple of times a month. It would be fair to say I consider it somewhat of a classic.

It may also be worth noting that the New Amsterdams do an amazing cover of If we two parted on the first record. It’s an interesting translation.

There was no real point to this blog, btw, and I didn’t think it out. I’ll probably edit it into something readable at some stage, but for now, I’m gonna go back to diggin’ on the ‘whigs.

Watch the video for honkeys ladder, off black love , below.

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