At least for a little while sir me and her we had us some fun

Busy, busy, insane week.

Monday night went on a London date with Lou to see Badlands at the BFI. Walked along the southbank and got coffee, smoked a cigarette and perved on some bmxers beforehand, which in itself was pretty ideal.

There was a (mini) lecture before the short, before the film and it made me want to be back in film school in the worst possible way, I came home and looked up doing an MA in pop culture. Realised this probably wasn’t what I needed, I probably just needed smart filmy friends so I could gush with stupid made up cultural studies terms and they’d nod appreciatively/challenge my views with similar academia. Where would I find some of those ?

I wrote a Badlands thing for the work blog, but it couldn’t make up its mind whether it was a review or an essay for a film studies class. I’ll tidy it up and post it somewhere, somewhen.

Last night I went to see David Sedaris read at the Bloomsbury Theatre with some old and new friends. He was incredibly funny, him reading his own stories is about the best thing in the world ever. He (and Coupland) manage to be funny almost to the point of condescension but are warm enough with it for it never to seem harsh at all. I should learn from this.

Afterwards I went out with my new friend Tessa and drank beers til late o clock while geeking out on pop culture, was totally what I needed, that being said, I am crazy tired now and Miss McP arrives on Saturday. I’m gonna get some sleep while I still can. Tomorrow I might even write something worthwhile.

Oh, and if you’re bored at work and you have a little while to kill then you should check this, it’s Nerve (I<3 Smart Smut) ‘s top 50 sexiest music videos of all time. I watched a couple and started drooling. Seriously, we’ve talked about the Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing video before, but nothing prepares you for the hotness of Chris Isaak in that. Jeeez, the guy can even pull off purple!

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