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and everybodys waiting on the end of the world…

I found this on someones flickr the other day:

It seemed sort of apt, since I’m currently 2 pages away from the end of Girlfriend in a Coma, and reading it this time has been more poignant than any other time I’ve picked it up. The things Karen notices, and juxtaposes about modern society and 17 years previous are the exact things I can’t stand about 2008. I’m a child of the 70s, and I definitely remember people actually having leisure time back then. There was a theory in the 90s about the reason shows like Friends and Seinfeld and Frazier were so popular, the notion was time porn. All the characters did was hang out with each other, rarely working, just hanging. Western society tuned in en masse and swooned a collective swoon at the notion of being able to just drink coffee for 4 hours straight. The other thing that Karen picks up on is the hardness to people and the lack of sincerity. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll rarely meet anyone more pro the internet and personal space than me, I don’t like to interact with people unless I choose to, but look around in the streets, it’s not just anti-social fuckers like me who can’t leave the house without an i-pod. Thousands of us all walking around in our own little worlds, with little to no connection with the real one that’s going on around us. And I for one am praying for the death of irony. I don’t know whether I feel these things because I’m now nearer the age of the characters in the book, or because things have gotten even more fucked up since the last time I read it. But back to the point, I do feel like I’m trapped in a Coupland novel, although me and my friends feel like the only characters who have read it before.

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