All of a sudden I miss everyone

I’m having the worst loneliness pangs this evening. I’m so much sadder than I thought I would be that Robyn is gone. Too much rain and TV and Jimmy Eat World and an evening spent alone have left me with time to ponder. I get that it’s not just me, I get the world is fucked right now, I get that it has to happen and I understand that it’s the beginning of the Saturn Uranus opposition. I understand all of this, but it isn’t helping any.

Heroes and Gossip Girl didn’t ease it for longer than their on screen time, I’m hoping that this is a one off night thing and not the start of a pattern. I had a pretty happy streak for months there! I got the Ben Nichols solo record today, and that cheered me up some. I need to stop feeling like an emo teen and turn Clarity off.

Who wants to get drunk this weekend?

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