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Someone posted a Something Corporate video on Strike Gently today, and it took me back to the epic crush I used to have on Andrew McMahon, don’t get me wrong, I was aware this was a guilty crush even at the time, I mean, they were on Drive Thru. The main attraction though, was entirely based around his hair – and in particular his spectacular, thick, floppy fringe that would wildly swish around as he played his piano in that adorable energetic, boyish way of his.
It got me to thinking about my ongoing love affair with floppy fringed boys in bands throughout the last 15 years and I’m shallow enough to write a blog post about it, so here we are (yeah yeah, whatever, you’re reading it)
The thing about the floppy fringed boy wasn’t so much the fringe itself but the promise of boy qualities it held.

Whether it was the super smart,bookish older brother type
Steve Malkmus, Thurston Moore)

the completely non threatening/safe as a teenage crush/slightly effeminate britpop kind
(Alex James, most of the band Marion)
the sweet little brother crush
(Andrew McMahon, Adam Lazzara)
or the grown up a little, done some stuff respectable and dateable now
(Ben Gibbard, Matthew Caws, Keith Murray)
they all had a particular and definite allure.
The floppy fringed boy is, to a certain kind of girl, equal to the perfect ethereal indie girl who wears no make up and band tee shirts, is to a certain kind of boy.
There’s a reason we all swooned over Jordan Catalano and Seth Cohen the first time we saw them, and it can’t just of been the fact they were wearing Vans.
Don’t get me wrong, these days I’m all about the beards and random gruff punk record collections, but I can’t imagine getting old with one of those dudes, you know? How long can hearing about tour only coloured vinyl be entertaining? Floppy fringed boys are the ones who are just a little bit shy around your friends, don’t start fights and read fiction books, not just music bios and message boards.
Like Adam Lazzara said “Literate and stylish, kissable and quiet, that’s what girls dreams are made of..”

P.S. Be aware these boys are far more likely to break your heart and write a record about it then any other kind of boy. They’re probably worth the risk though.

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