a hazy shade of winter

I got back from NY and 90 degree weather to winter and rain. I don’t mind the weather so much as I mind this city.But that’s not the point.

When I was out with Simon we were talking a lot about Microserfs in comparison to the horror that was Jpod. Deciding which character I would be in either (in Jpod – easy – Bree – she even looks like me, Microserfs, less easy – I’m not Karla, maybe I could be Jed?) when we got on the subject of how I had tried to incite a decadence of breakfast cereals discussion in the office a couple of weeks earlier. If you remember, in the book they cite cereals such as Cap’n Crunch, Trix and Count Chocula. Simon and I both agreed that if you were to have the discussion today the most decadent of breakfast cereals would be Dorset Cereals. My blend of choice being the cherry and sun blanched almond variety. I had it this morning in fact, with greek yoghurt and a fresh tropical fruit pot.

It got me to thinking about how much better for you the 00’s are, when you compare them to the 90’s. Everyone is obsessed with salt intake, fat intake, drinking the right amount of water and smoothies are readily available everywhere.(when I say everyone I, of course, mean particularly the middle and upper-middle classes) The weird part is that less people appear to be vegetarians. When I was growing up, in the 90s. It was unheard of for punk rock/indie /hardcore kids to not be vegetarian. Most of us were big animal rights kids too. Kids today don’t seem to have the same conscience. Haha, I said kids today.

Then I thought about how much worse for you the 80s were in comparison to the 90s and I started to worry about just how good for you the 10’s are gonna be. Seems the better nutrition in a decade is , the worse, we as a society, will try and fuck ourselves up to combat it. Back when people were eating steak and pomme frite for dinner every night, not everyone had a problem with alcohol or was in therapy about their oh-so-sad and fucked up life.

In the 00’s, believing in things is contrived. We all live in cleverclever land, and although I’ve been here forever, it’s interesting to see so many new faces around these days. I don’t know whether this is due to the current stupid/smart dichotomy that is fascinating me, or glib showtime shows, or apple flying the flag for smug, but whatever it is. I’m not sure it’s the direction we should be heading in. What happened to us being post ironic? We seem to still be clinging to out cynicism like driftwood in the ocean, while pretending we’re progressing.

I’m over it.

I’m trying to be earnest.

It’s hard after a lifetime of not.

The future is a weird idea.

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