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Poor Bill Compton

eric-poster2So, season 2 of True Blood. Now we’re 6 weeks in I feel I can make a couple of observations …

Observation One. Bill Compton is totally over. EVERYONE is crushing on Eric. There are a number of reasons for this, they include;

Eric not being English. Remember the day you learnt the dude who plays Bill is just a middle aged English Guy? All the paparazzi pics you ever see of Steven Moyer and Anna Paquin feature Moyer wearing some kind of Dad cargo pants. Take away the accent and the vampire and you’re left with a dude that hits on you in Bar Uno. Eric being T-A-L-L. Most of last season Eric was seated, but this one he’s all up and around all the time, whether ripping people limb from limb in the basement of Fangtasia or chatting with Bill in women’s departments he’s always towering over everyone. I did some research, he’s 6’4″ (Moyer is barely 5′ 9″ depending on who you ask, but the evidence seems pretty clear) Eric Got a Hair Cut. Yep. After the aforementioned ripping limb from limb incident Eric had to get his hair chopped (there was blood in the bleach) and now his hair is short. Girls like short hair. All of them. Eric is Not a Pussy. This may the the most important factor. Bill is such a massive none blood sucking goodie. (The occasional orgasmic bit doesn’t count) In episode 6 while Eric is sucking on an escort in a hotel foyer he declares that it’s so much less fun when they’re willing.

Observation Two. Jessica is awesome. She has great hair, nice teeth and fucks Bill off. Enough said.

Observation Three. This is more of a question really, but why is Tara still in the show? What value does she add ? Why are storylines revolving around her? And is the woman that plays Marianne totally type cast to play crazy bitch the way Zooey Deschanel is with Manic-Pixie-Dream-Girl?

Observation Four. Holy fuck the sex is hot this season. Sookie’s got a taste for it and turned into a massive slut. Marianne hosts demon orgies every other night, Jason has been shown the way back to joy in the bath-tub and Sam, well…. HBO and Alan Ball seem to want to sever as many ties with the PG13 books as possible.

3 replies on “Poor Bill Compton”

1. Truest of the trues. Eric is so hot this season. Even when he was dying as a human he was a hot heartless Scandinavian who didn’t fear death. Now he’s got super human strength, lightning speed and that highly patronizing superior sexy stare he’s even hotter. Go away Bill, and please don’t EVER sing again.

2. Jessica has developed into SUCH a likable cutie. I was worried she was going to be this mega brat who stereotypically went round killing everyone with no remorse, climaxing with her attacking Suki or some predictable rubbish. Instead she’s sweet, hot and confused. And i wish i had hair like her.

3. Tara IS annoying now. But more annoying is Eggs. He can’t act for shit. That crying scene with the cult circle in the wood? Oh god, cringe city! We need Tara’s mamma to start drinking again and come and crack some skulls with her empty bottles of rum. Plus, what’s Marianne’s obsession with the black couple? Is the sex hotter?

4.Episode six. Oh. My. gosh. Tom and I literally looked at eachother at the graphic bloodyness in amazement and simultaneously concluded that we bet Kim loved it.

5. ‘I KNOW YOU PIG’. Andy rules.

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